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GBST launches upgraded Equate calculator suite to enhance customisation, user experience and data insights


GBST, a leading provider of wealth management administration, adviser and digital solutions has launched its new and upgraded Equate suite of off-the-shelf calculators, making them more customisable and user friendly. The range, which was launched in 2009 and are used by more than 100 financial services organisations globally, comprises of 31 powerful and interactive online calculators across lending, wealth management, insurance and tax.

As part of the upgrade, the Equate suite has transitioned to React, a modern software framework that provides Equate calculators with a more intuitive user interface. The new technology allows additional visual layouts in the results section and more control over enabling, disabling and editing buttons and icons. This gives organisations greater choice and flexibility when setting up and displaying the calculators on their website and enables faster rendering for a smoother user experience. It also improves insights with visual layouts highlighting different aspects of the data, allowing clients to gain new insights on how end users interact with the tool. Cross-platform compatibility and omni-channel access on a variety of devices and platforms continue to be benefits with the React framework.

Brianna Dobing, Head of Digital at GBST, said, “For over a decade, our interactive tools have helped providers support their customers to make better informed financial decisions. Using our calculators, people can compare loan products, plan for their retirement income needs and understand the costs of purchasing a first home.

“Integrated directly into an organisation’s website or portal, the tools drive customer engagement, increase lead generation and support new business, while delivering customer insight to help product development. The new technology is an important investment in the future of Equate, that will enable us to deliver even greater design and modular flexibility over how providers can use our calculators.”

Robert DeDominicisGlobal CEO of GBST, adds, “The upgrade to our Equate calculators closely follows the transformation of our Composer wealth management administration platform to create a leading SaaS solution that’s cloud-ready, accessible, and simple to integrate.

“The ongoing investment across all our technology, alongside our recent acquisitions that have added adviser solutions to our offerings, demonstrate our commitment to continued innovation, providing a modern framework to quickly adapt as the needs of the market, our clients, and the end customer evolve.”

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