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GBST helps ensure you meet your SuperStream compliance obligations using our fully hosted and managed messaging hub, GBST SuperStream Gateway, or a range of standalone plug and play components via GBST SuperStream Process Adapter for those who already have a Gateway provider.

SuperStream Gateway

Our compliant messaging hub, GBST SuperStream Gateway, sends and receives superannuation documents to and from other SuperStream participants including other gateways, funds and employers. All messages are sent, received and stored for auditing purposes according to ATO standards to ensure complete compliance.

This SuperStream certified product leverages our extensive network of messaging capabilities as well as our current infrastructure, hosting and support services. That means you can expect a high degree of availability and quality messaging management. An administrative console allows for real-time monitoring of message status and tracking as well as resending and troubleshooting. This gives you maximum flexibility and control over messages whilst ensuring complete compliance with SuperStream legislation.

SuperStream Process Adapter

For those already working with a Gateway provider, GBST offers a range of components for the straight-through processing and compliance of business transactions sent and received through the SuperStream network. With our SuperStream Process Adapter, you can add just the business services you want and need including:


  • ATO Super TIC (TFN) Lookup Service
  • ATO Fund Validation Lookup Service
  • ATO Supermatch Support
  • GBST Rollover-In STP Service
  • GBST SuperStream Gateway Connector
  • GBST Batch Contribution Processing

Using standard Soap/XML messaging, the SuperStream Process Adapter integrates easily into existing workflows and BPM systems.

The GBST SuperStream Gateway is an ebMS message handler and ebMS message producer/consumer. It complies with the AS4 Profile of the ebMS 3.0 specification and supports trading partner management, non-repudiation, secured signing, encryption and guaranteed delivery as well as large messaging handling, splitting and joining.

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