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Advice Intelligence Professional

Advice Intelligence Professional offers a seamless, device-agnostic user interface for super fund advice teams. Our hybrid advice platform enables financial advisers to explore member goals, model advice strategies, and compare future scenarios with clients in real-time, producing an instant SOA/ROA. Our solution extends to personal advice, automating costly manual tasks to maximise adviser efficiency, delight clients and decrease the cost of delivering advice.

Digital to hybrid – offboard with ease

As our platform uses the same centralised engine calculations and compliance framework for both digital and hybrid advice, progressing through the stages of the advice journey is easy. Use chat, phone, or virtual adviser support at any stage in the digital advice journey to auto-create advice cases for your adviser team.

Simple reporting and auditing

A dynamic digital advice journey enables each component of the value chain to be tracked. From data entry and SOA execution, we enable super funds to call on any data point with ease, equipping them to measure the retention of members and assets.

Build better futures for members

Maximise member retirement income, manage longevity risk, and dispel uncertainty with digital advice. Shape a personalised and engaging advice journey that ensures assets and income meet member’s changing goals, helping to guide them through each life stage.

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