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End-to-end client lifecycle management

WealthConnect Professional

Consolidate and simplify your client administration and practice management by eliminating the need for multiple systems. Centralise all your data into a single system that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your advice practice. With Salesforce technology powering the CRM, WealthConnect Professional prioritises customer experience and engagement.

Experience a new level of productivity and collaboration for your advice business

The advanced feature set of WealthConnect Professional enables you to manage your practice and the end-to-end client lifecycle efficiently. It centralises your data and provides the tools to make informed decisions and deliver engaging client interactions.


Harness the power of Salesforce technology to prioritise client engagement and drive your business with the customer at the centre of everything you do. All the essential CRM components of accounts, relationships, leads, opportunities, tasks, events, calendars, marketing, and more are configured to provide value to your business now and in the future.

Risk & compliance

Set up guardrails using the WealthConnect in-line compliance rules engine, utilise an embedded approval process, track key dates and effortlessly generate comprehensive reports with drag-and-drop functionality.

Practice management

Streamline business processes and workflows on a single platform. Benefit from dynamic and simplified task management, automated time tracking and decision pathways.

Data management

The integration engine seamlessly maps all client and practice data into a single view.  This approach provides compliant client management, using pre-built processes.


Monitor, analyse and act upon real-time data at your fingertips. Configured to drive relevant data to each role, access the practice and client data you need how you want to consume it — the one-stop place to run your day-to-day.

Advice wizards

Wizards provide a pathway through the advice process, from onboarding to financial strategy and annual reviews. Use best practice guardrails to bring your business processes to life, creating activity and compliance efficiencies.

Document automation

Automate document creation using Conga Document Control capability, centrally manage your documents, store templates and provide one-click document generation to enhance advice execution.

Scenario modelling

A calculation engine that enables the creation of cash flow, taxation and net worth projections. Create and compare multiple scenarios with integration back into the Advice wizard to provide outputs for client advice document and recommendation creation.

Document storage

Leverage the document storage capability within your existing SharePoint or Google Drive instance with an inbuilt integration, linking key documents to the client’s account within WealthConnect.

Financial product database

An integrated product database fed by industry-leading providers that allows for product research and data to support advice recommendations.

Easily add white labelled and in-house products to your database.

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