Four scenarios for Blockchain in Capital Markets
White Paper
10 May 2016

Where does the future lie for Blockchain technology in the cash equities space? GBST experts discuss four scenarios.

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Innovation Time
05 Nov 2015

As the global securities industry continues to evolve, moving away from its reliance on manual processes toward greater transparency and faster settlement, it is critical for today’s market participants to take a much deeper look at what legacy technology is actually costing in terms of operational loss.

This article by GBST explains why robust technology supporting the middle office and operational processing pays for itself, and what the industry needs to consider in the years to come.

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T+2 and What Lies Beyond: Will You Be Ready?
02 Nov 2015

In June of 2015, the T+2 Industry Steering Committee released an in-depth whitepaper analyzing and promoting the benefits moving to a shorter settlement cycle would afford the US financial markets. Not long after, the Securities and Exchange Commission threw its support behind the Committee’s recommendations, suggesting that regulatory changes surrounding T+2 were likely.

In the latest article published by the FinOps Report, Greg McDonald, Head of Product Strategy for GBST’s Americas business, discusses what broker-dealers in the U.S. are facing in order to be ready for the October 2017 deadline.

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The New Normal
16 Oct 2015

Operations managers have long focused on technology as a means of gaining efficiency or putting in place more robust processes.

In this latest article published in Asset Servicing Times, Gregory McDonald and Nick Clarke of GBST explore the changing face of operations in an increasingly risk-focused marketplace and discuss how technology can bring high-quality risk-related information in real time to achieve real transparency.

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