Our people and culture

Our people are the key to our success

At GBST, we know our people are the key to our business success. That’s why we are committed to giving our employees access to valuable development opportunities and rewarding those who are prepared to continue to set the standard for excellence.

Working at GBST

When you choose to work at GBST, you’ll participate in interesting and challenging internal and client projects right from the very beginning that allow you to build your technical and professional expertise. Throughout your career here, you’ll engage with software development experts and industry specialists, gain a broad and deep knowledge of the finance industry, and cultivate your skills by solving complex and real-world problems adeptly.

There is no single career path here at GBST. There are no time, tenure or advanced degree requirements for promotion. Strong performance is valued and rewarded.

Added to this, as a global business, GBST values international mobility and cross-cultural experiences. We encourage and support those in the company who want to relocate to other geographies by offering the opportunity to undertake short- and long-term assignments to our various international offices. We believe that this fluid movement of our staff around the world strengthens and shapes the culture of GBST, while also giving you more exposure to new cultures and work environments.


Employee Benefits

When you join GBST, you will have access to a wide range of personal and professional benefits including competitive and flexible salary packages, career and talent development, a study assistance program and flexible working arrangements, to name a few.

GBST also appreciates its loyal and valued longstanding employees and rewards them at five years of service with membership to our Longevity Club. Additional annual leave rewards are also provided upon meeting other significant service milestones.

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