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After-tax benchmarking and analytics

Benchmarks and Analytics

Customised Australian and global after-tax benchmarking and analytics to improve investment manager performance

Improve investment manager performance

With the industry increasingly focused on tax-aware investing, our After-Tax Benchmarks and Analytics service ensures your fund has a detailed and accurate insight into the performance of your investment managers.

  • Portfolios that are accurately valued against absolute returns and managers can be rated on consistent performance criteria, levelling the playing field and
    driving better after-tax performance results
  • Ensure you are focused on after-tax outcomes for your members as the market shifts to this standard with APRA’s heatmap requirements and their focus
    on better member returns
  • Create consistency and avoid data issues by relying on our experts to create transparent and customisable reports to reduce in-house manual processes

Unique and customisable solution

Building on Australian and global benchmarks from leading providers with our unique tax expertise, our service turns pre-tax benchmarks and portfolio results into post-tax benchmarks and portfolio outcomes.

This ensures your reporting considers both the benefit of the franking credit uplift and the impact of Capital Gains Tax (CGT), both on a realised and unrealised basis, for full transparency.

Our service is completely bespoke, with the rules-based calculation engine supports variations to standard industry indices or custom calculations. You can also define local and global indices, portfolio parameters and report frequency to suit your requirements.

Choosing our service for both benchmarking and analytics ensures the same methodology is applied across both. If you already use an analytics provider, we can provide benchmarks as a standalone service.



Transparent after-tax insights

Our service will do the following for your fund:

  • Take account of specific portfolio cash flows
  • Reflect the realised and unrealised CGT outcomes
  • Include the tax impact of corporate actions and franking credits
  • Trigger the CGT impact of rebalancing from composition changes of the underlying index
  • Exclude investors’ discretionary portfolio management actions
  • Apply various tax rates in line with the underlying tax outcomes
  • Produce the most accurate benchmark in line with Australian tax compliance rules

We work with leaders in the index space to provide the foundations of our After-Tax Benchmark and Analytics service, including Standard & Poor, MSCI and Warakirri Asset Management.

Combined with our Pre-Trade Tax Analyser solution, your fund can create a ‘whole of fund’ view of tax optimisation enabling you to deliver tax aware, improved member outcomes.

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