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GBST Takes Role of Co-Founder for the Launch of the Inaugural Singularity University Scholarship Programme in Australia

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Published: 21/02/2013

A Queensland Government and GBST Holdings initiative to link entrepreneurs, technologists and young leaders to uncover disruptive technologies and make a positive impact on 1 million Australians.

GBST announces it is  a co-founder for  the launch of the Singularity University Scholarship programme and Global Impact Competition in Australia, together with the Queensland Government. The Singularity University Scholarship is designed to  leverage advancing technologies and create a roadmap to improve the lives of Australians facing a range of social challenges within a three year time frame.

The Global Impact Competition will grant one innovator a full  scholarship for the Graduate Studies Program held June 2013 at the Research Centre NASA Ames in California. The Scholarship will be awarded to the individual who will identify and conceptualise a new product or service relying on innovation and the use of technology for social challenges including education, energy, health, prosperity, security, space, urbanisation, transportation, recycling / waste, health and well-being of the elderly..

Additional second and third prize winners will be mentored by the Australian Institute for Commercialisation and the Gold Coast Innovation Centre.

GBST Holdings (GBST) develops award winning IT platforms and provides specialist services for the global banking, finance and insurance industries. Its inaugural sponsorship of The Global Impact Competition in Australia acknowledges the company’s commitment to both IT and innovation, whilst recognising that accelerating technological change has an intrinsic value in everyday life.

John Puttick, Chairman for GBST Holdings, said: “The Global Impact Competition is an inspirational way to create a group of visionary leaders and  generate practical solutions and profound outcomes  to address challenges that Australians face on a daily basis.”

He continued: “GBST has a successful track record with innovating global financial services solutions and this has been attributed to our co-operative approach to research and development. We acknowledge how important it is to take these big ideas to world markets and we fully support Australian ingenuity.”

All Australian submissions for The Global Impact Competition are due by 10 April and will be evaluated by a panel of business, technology and innovation experts. The Global Impact Competition winner will be announced on 22 April.

“Over the next 25 years the world will be faced with absorbing the radical innovation and developments that technology can produce. These changes will outpace the way that many governments and individuals can respond. The Global Impact Competition recognises that we can forge new frontiers and positively impact society. We applaud GBST for its support of our inaugural scholarship competition in Australia,” said David Roberts, VP and Director of the Graduate Studies Program, Singularity University.

Singularity University was founded in 2007 by Dr. Peter. H. Diamandis and Dr. Ray Kurzweil to positively impact  humanity by assembling, supporting, educating and  inspiring future leaders across the globe who can harness the power of exponential technologies to improve the lives of a billion people within a decade.

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