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Technology helping mutual funds, pension providers (including 401k) and investment platforms improve flexibility, efficiency and integration

Delivering automation and flexibility

Streamline the administration of your wealth management products from the back office through to your digital channels, automating processes and reducing manual effort.

Composer is a client-centric solution with a wide range of asset support. It allows you to consolidate various offerings by mutual funds, pension providers and investment platforms onto a single technology platform.

Its strong integration capabilities and business rule flexibility allows you to tailor Composer to fit your specific requirements – for today and tomorrow.

Flexible and modern platform

Technology to deliver the functionality you need to optimise your business:

  • Intuitive user experience – get new users up and running quickly and reduce likelihood of errors with easy navigation and guided journeys
  • Easy integration – a suite of integration services to increase efficiency, reduce risk and increase opportunity for innovation
  • Modular design – add new products and services as your proposition evolves with simple and flexible configuration
  • Modern technology – lower cost of ownership and ensure scalable, resilient and secure service delivery with on premise or cloud hosted solution

Scalable API framework

Our APIs allow your business to easily create, update or read data in Composer through integration with your existing systems and applications.

Access to information within Composer can power digital interfaces used by advisers and investors with real-time data.

Populating user profiles with rich insights and consolidated information from across your business enhances the user experience for your clients.

Using our APIs can promote increased self-service capability, reducing paper instructions and the dependency on operational staff to perform key servicing activities.

We’ve invested in the underlying technology stack, features, and functionality of our innovative Composer platform to ensure it stays ahead of the game.


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