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Seamless digital client connectivity

WealthConnect Digital

Empower your clients and showcase your brand with WealthConnect Digital, our advanced client experience solution powered by Salesforce technology. Through our intuitive portal, clients can enjoy a personalised and secure experience. By leveraging the same platform as our WealthConnect Professional solution, clients and advisers stay seamlessly connected with the same data set.

Discover the power of WealthConnect Digital to enhance client satisfaction and streamline operations

WealthConnect Digital’s modern feature set provides clients tools for seamless collaboration with their advice team.

Enhance onboarding

A rich and engaging self-paced client onboarding experience that allows collaboration with their advice team. Capture and share client fact-find information, goals, documents and consents.

Brand experience

Dynamic branding and configurable user experience tools allow you to deliver an easy-to-use client portal. Create stronger client connections by applying your unique brand identity – without the need for coding!




Create efficiencies and enrich your client experiences with digital reviews. Allow clients to self-direct engagement during a review and securely update client fact find, documentation, key life events and service agreement information.

Intuitive interface

The portal is designed to enhance your client’s experience. Users can quickly and intuitively identify and view their current goals, assets, liabilities, documents, and tasks their adviser assigns with a modern and intuitive user interface.

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