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Centralise and automate post-trade financial operations and reporting obligations across global markets and asset classes

Centralised securities accounting

Syn~Finance is the flexible, efficient and secure platform to ensure your financial processes support your growth. It translates global trading activity real time into ledger accounting entries with drill down into business data for full audit and transparency.

  • Streamline your operations with the flexible generation of accounting entries, reducing manual processing costs and associated errors
  • Bring all your financial processing into a single system to avoid duplicated and siloed data, with exception management tools to help your team see and resolve issues fast
  • Stay compliant with your statutory accounting obligations effectively with a fully audited, transparent platform that supports local and global reporting frameworks

The rules-based engine allows you to update configurations for instant system changes without costly code development and upgrades. We also offer a comprehensive suite of APIs to connect Syn~Finance with your other systems to drive straight through processing.

Consolidate ledgers and reporting

The Syn~Finance platform supports multiple ledgers, currencies and accounting standards, allowing you to consolidate disparate data sources into a global ledger.

It automatically translates trades into accounting entries and also allows you to upload your Excel manual journals for non-standard or ad-hoc accounting.

Our flexible add-on reporting tool helps you to deliver your local financial reporting submissions as well as meet your global corporate reporting deadlines.

Syn~Finance also supports real-time Profit and Loss reporting.

Cost savings in the cloud

Recognising the shift towards software as a service, Syn~ is cloud-ready and we’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to host your installation on their global network. Alternatively, you can deploy Syn~ on your own Public or Private cloud.

Syn~ in the cloud saves up to 70% on infrastructure costs and also enables you to:

  • Pay for what you use – further reduce costs with an on-demand payment model\
  • Access anywhere – users can work remotely with no fuss or disruptions
  • Deploy features quickly – adjust to changing markets or client requirements easily
  • Scale in seconds – easily increase your capacity as you grow
  • Innovate your offering – be ready to go when new opportunities arise

Hear from our expert about the value of post-trade automation, which technologies are changing the game and how we’re helping our clients.

Get in touch to find out more about how Syn~ can automate your post-trade operations.

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