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Automated post-trade clearing, settlement and asset servicing to streamline global securities operations in a single system

Centralised, real-time processing

Syn∽Ops allows banks and brokers to perform international clearing, settlement and corporate actions across a full range of asset classes from a single system.

Reduce your operational overheads and costs by efficiently processing global settlements workflow, including integrated corporate actions, financing and position keeping capabilities.

  • Streamline your operations with efficient and integrated settlement and asset servicing, minimising manual tasks, associated errors and costs.
  • Bring all your settlements and asset servicing into a single system to avoid duplicated and siloed data, with exception management tools to help your team see and resolve issues quickly.
  • Support your future growth with this secure and scalable cloud environment that handles multiple regions in a single system.

Syn~Ops is also available as a settlements and corporate actions processing platform for regional and global custodians.

Tools for efficient operations

  • Support for all business and transaction types including agency, principal, block trading, transfers, stock lending, repos and payments
  • Simplified cross-border and inter-company trade contracting
  • Rules-driven position management providing ownership and location-based positions and ladders
  • Integration with Syn∽Finance for real-time record keeping
  • Optimised settlement messaging between parties to reduce affiliate clearing costs
  • Integrated corporate actions processing to reduce breaks and manual intervention
  • Support for all settlement types including SWIFT 15022, 20022, local settlement interfaces, settlement shapes and real-time settlements monitoring

Scalable and flexible

Built on the latest technology, Syn∽Ops is ready to scale to your future business growth. Save on deployment and technology costs with cloud hosting options and browser-based user interface.

The rules-based engine allows you to update configurations for instant system changes without costly code development and upgrades.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of APIs to connect Syn~Ops with your other systems to drive straight through processing.

Chatbot automation

Syn~Op’s chatbot integration provides an authenticated and secure way for users to interact with the system to manage exceptions efficiently. With the help of the virtual assistant ‘Syndy’, users are able to send files directly to the system without conforming to predefined formats through machine-learning file processing.


Cost savings in the cloud

Recognising the shift towards software as a service, Syn~ is cloud-ready and we’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to host your installation on their global network. Alternatively, you can deploy Syn~ on your own Public or Private cloud.

Syn~ in the cloud saves up to 70% on infrastructure costs and also enables you to:

  • Pay for what you use – further reduce costs with an on-demand payment model
  • Access anywhere – users can work remotely with no fuss or disruptions
  • Deploy features quickly – adjust to changing markets or client requirements easily
  • Scale in seconds – easily increase your capacity as you grow
  • Innovate your offering – be ready to go when new opportunities arise

“The project has far exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and has set the bar in my opinion as to how to implement change in Securities Outsourcing. And with that comes a thank you as we absolutely couldn’t have
done it without your teams.”

Global Head of Securities Outsourcing
Global Investment Bank

Hear from our expert about the value of post-trade automation, which technologies are changing the game and how we’re helping our clients.

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