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Syn~Ops Custody

Automated and scalable settlement and asset servicing helping custodians deliver exceptional service to clients

Custody operations simplified

In global markets and across asset classes, Syn~Ops Custody allows you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Reduce your operational overheads and costs by efficiently processing settlements and automating corporate actions workflow.

The cloud-based platform also allows you to expand services with client account interest, margin cash and risk adjusted portfolio valuations.

  • Streamline your operations with efficient and integrated settlement and asset servicing, minimising manual tasks, associated errors and costs.
  • Bring all your settlements and asset servicing into a single system to avoid duplicated and siloed data, with exception management tools to help your team see and resolve issues fast.
  • Support your future growth with this secure and scalable cloud environment that handles manage multiple regions in a single system.

Syn~Ops is also available as a clearing and settlements solution for investment banks and brokers.

Tools for streamlined operations

Gives your users the tools they need to operate as efficiently as possible. Syn~Ops Custody features include:

  • Connect directly to International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs) or local Central Securities Depositories (CSDs)
  • Match and settle instructions through your international custodian network via two-way SWIFT messaging
  • Scheduled reconciliation of holdings against custodian/CSD statements
  • Generate additional revenue through stock lending held assets
  • Easy access to a diary of announcements received from sub-custodian for all mandatory and voluntary corporate actions
  • End-to-end automated corporate actions workflow from tracking entitlements to recording outcomes and calculating Withholding Tax

Delight your clients

Boost client satisfaction and retention with time saving process improvements and value-add features. Improve service by accepting instructions through various channels and by delivering daily and monthly multilingual statements and valuations.

You can also automatically credit or debit interest on client cash and margin account balances and schedule asset quality valuations for margin clients.

Chatbot automation

Syn~Ops Custody’s chatbot integration provides a secure way for users to upload settlement instructions.

With the help of the virtual assistant ‘Syndy’, client and users are able to email settlement instruction files directly to the system without conforming to predefined file formats through machine-learning file processing.




Cost savings in the cloud

Recognising the shift towards software as a service, Syn~ is cloud-ready and we’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to host your installation on their global network. Alternatively, you can deploy Syn~ on your own Public or Private cloud.

Syn~ in the cloud saves up to 70% on infrastructure costs and also enables you to:

  • Pay for what you use – further reduce costs with an on-demand payment model
  • Access anywhere – users can work remotely with no fuss or disruptions
  • Deploy features quickly – adjust to changing markets or client requirements easily
  • Scale in seconds – easily increase your capacity as you grow
  • Innovate your offering – be ready to go when new opportunities arise

“We look forward to continue working with GBST to enhance our operational efficiency”.

Pamela Yuen
Head of Custody Services
China Merchants Bank

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