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A comprehensive middle office system for banks and brokers, GBST Syn∽TAC provides post-execution and pre-settlement transaction processing across multiple asset classes and markets for greater operational efficiency.

Streamlined, real-time processing

Designed using an efficient rules-based engine, Syn∽TAC maps workflows to your operational practices to deliver:

  • Flexible pre-settlement transaction management for increased business process automation
  • Built-in exception workflow with real-time notification
  • Intelligent reference data management for automated trade repair
  • Easy integration with internal systems and all external electronic trade confirmation (ETC) protocols
  • Support for business and regulation change through rules configuration rather than coding changes

The enhanced efficiency delivered by Syn∽TAC helps lower the cost per trade as well as meet client confirmation SLAs.

Improved transparency

With its multicurrency, multi-entity and multi-region capabilities, Syn∽TAC enables you to run the middle office across regions from one system. This gives you a clearer view into client activity organisation wide and simplifies cross-border and intercompany trade contracting.


Highly scalable

A modern technology, Syn∽TAC is scalable to meet current business needs and future business growth. It supports 24×7 operations with regional zones for increased accessibility across users and external systems, and can be deployed in various configurations from single market to global processing platforms.

Syn∽TAC supports all major ETC protocols out-of-the-box (e.g. Oasys, CTM, GETC, FIX, Iress), giving you the ability to service global clients using their preferred ETC protocols from a single application.

Hear from our experts about the value of post-trade automation, which technologies are changing the game and how we’re helping our clients.

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