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A back office system for banks and brokers, GBST Syn∽Ops delivers real-time international clearing and settlement functionality across multiple asset classes, entities and markets.

Centralised, real-time processing

Syn∽Ops allows banks and brokers to perform international clearing, settlement and corporate actions across a full range of asset classes from a single system. This gives you:

  • Real-time views of settlement performance across markets, regions and currencies
  • Support for all business and transaction types including agency, principal, block trading, transfers, stock lending, repos and payments
  • Simplified cross-border and intercompany trade contracting
  • Rules-driven position management providing ownership and location-based positions and ladders
  • Tight integration with Syn∽Finance for real-time recordkeeping
  • Optimised settlement messaging between parties to reduce affiliate clearing costs
  • Integrated corporate actions processing to reduce breaks and manual intervention

A mature feature-set supports all settlement types including SWIFT 15022, 20022, local settlement interfaces, settlement shapes and real-time settlements monitoring.

Scalable rules-based configuration

A modern technology, Syn∽Ops is scalable to meet current business needs and future business growth. It supports 24×7 operations with regional zones for increased accessibility across users and external systems and can be deployed in various configurations from single market to global processing platforms.

Enhanced efficiency

Through the use of configurable rules engines and inbuilt workflow management, Syn∽Ops automates as much processing as possible whilst also ensuring that exceptions are prioritised and escalated for intervention by operations teams as required.

Syn~Ops’ rich feature set supports all required business processing including principal, agency business and third-party clearing, depot and nostro transfers, book transfers and stock borrowing and lending as well as repos and buy sell backs, cash movements and corporate actions.

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