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GBST wins the Pension Dashboard TechSprint ‘Speed-build’ award

GBST is proud to have won the ‘Speed-build’ award in the recent Pensions Dashboard TechSprint 24-hour competition.

Part of FinTech Week 2017, the event was hosted at the Aviva Digital Garage in London. Over 20 leading technology firms, working consumer groups and industry experts, were given 24 hours to design tools that would help attract ordinary pension savers to the new UK Pensions Dashboard prototype.

Working as part of a cross-company team with Digital Space, NEST, Sprint Enterprise and SSP Advisor, GBST created from scratch the ‘Lifeline’ holistic savings tool, a novel, life event focused savings portal incorporating pensions alongside other finances. The judges named ‘Lifeline’ winner of the ‘Speed Build’ category, commenting that we had produced the most engaging app for consumers intending to use and take advantage of the Pensions Dashboard.


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