The game changing tax tool for custodians and their clients

08 Jul 2024

Tax Analyser is a game-changer for custodians and their superannuation fund/trust clients. Take a look at its top three benefits.

Navigating year-end unit pricing and strategic considerations for financial institutions

01 Jul 2024

As we approach the end of another financial year, the complexities and opportunities for super funds and life insurance companies managing unit pricing come sharply into focus

Using tech tools to tackle underinsurance in Australia

25 Jun 2024

GBST recently collaborated with a prominent Australian insurer to streamline and simplify the process for consumers in assessing their insurance requirements
and associated expenses. Read the use case here!

Meet Dave Simpson, our champion of customer-centricity

29 May 2024

Dave overseas GBST’s EMEA operations and believes great customer relationships boil down to fostering a true partnership mindset. “The most successful organisations are the ones deeply connected to their customers.”

Achieving scale in wealth management through innovative technology automation

09 May 2024

Numbers tell the best story – so if automation at scale is what you're after, take a look at our SaaS, digital first, and scalable wealth management administration platform. ​

GBST Team insights from the Salesforce World Tour, Sydney

21 Mar 2024

The GBST WealthConnect team attended the Salesforce World Tour in Sydney. They gained new insights and ideas to enhance their advisor solution, WealthConnect, built on the Salesforce platform.

People Spotlight: Meet Tegan Quirk, our Head of Product Design for WealthConnect

06 Mar 2024

Meet Tegan, who guides the WealthConnect product team at GBST and is the nexus between our client's needs and our innovative WealthConnect advice solution.

People Spotlight: Meet Stuart Heriot our Global Head of Product Technology

06 Feb 2024

Stuart is based in our Wollongong office, the origin of our WealthTech business. Stuart’s passion for continuous learning and tinkering with new tech means he is the perfect person to determine new trends and technical capabilities to benefit GBST clients. Read more on Stuart’s GBST journey since 1997!

Technology will play a pivotal role in the provision of super fund advice

15 Dec 2023

With the Government’s growing commitment to making financial advice more accessible and affordable for millions of Australians, GBST visited parliament to witness the Minister for Financial Services's presentation of the ‘Delivering Better Financial Outcomes' roadmap.

Beyond the code: Transformation learnings from legacy to leading edge

12 Dec 2023

We chat to Michael Pugh, to draw on inspiration gained from heading up Composer's transformative journey and the valuable lessons he learned from a multi-year, multi-million-dollar project to replace a legacy tech stack.

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