Financial wellbeing crucial to personal wellbeing

16 Nov 2016

GBST CEO Rob De Dominicis considers what impact today's spending culture might be having on our personal wellbeing and looks at how technology is being used to encourage savings and investment by rewarding positive changes in financial behaviour.

How to capitalise on new digital technology?

14 Nov 2016

GBST CEO Rob DeDominicis examines how investment platforms can make the most of technology to improve efficiency, lower costs and keep pace with changes in regulation and customer needs.

Role of digital in driving customer engagement

11 Nov 2016

The rise of digital is changing how brands engage with customers. Robert DeDominicis, CEO of GBST, considers how financial services companies can use technology to improve the customer experience and drive loyalty.

Embracing mobile tools can fuel business growth

06 Oct 2016

GBST's CEO Rob DeDominicis argues that embracing mobile tools throughout the investment management supply chain can enhance the adviser / investor relationship and at the same time fuel platform, asset management and adviser growth.

Should we fear Pensions ISAs?

21 Sep 2016

Talk of Pensions ISAs has returned recently. Robert de Dominicis asks would moving away from the current pension system of tax relief on contributions, a lifetime limit on gains and taxing withdrawals to a system where contributions are taxed but gains and withdrawals are tax free really be such a bad thing? Or could it lead to a fairer, simpler, more engaging pensions system?

The power of consolidation

18 Jul 2016

Following The Centre for Policy Studies suggestion that pension pots worth £2,000 or less should not face any fees or charges to encourage consolidation, GBST’s CEO Rob De Dominicis considers the benefits of pension consolidation for individuals and how technology can help the process both in the UK and Australia.

Pension freedoms propositions still wanting

11 Jul 2016

One year on from the launch of the UK’s pension freedoms, GBST CEO Robert De Dominicis argues that more providers need to invest in smart technology to create innovative, flexible income products that allow consumer to take full advantage of the choices offered under the new rules.

Pensions – the Australian Experience

07 Jul 2016

GBST CEO Robert De Dominicis considers the what we can learn from the Australian government’s decision to enshrine in law that the objective of its private pensions system is to provide retirement income – a move which seems in complete contrast to the freedom pension reforms seen in the UK.

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