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Celebrating 40 years of learnings

Blog, Executive 16/11/2023

When celebrating a milestone birthday, it’s always interesting to reflect on the lessons that time has gifted us. We caught up with our Chief People and Culture Officer, Marie Maky, who shared key people lessons she has learned during her 40 years in the industry, and how these have helped GBST on its 40-year journey.

Can you share some of the key people lessons that you’ve learned over your 40 years in the industry and how these have helped GBST?

Over the course of my time in various People & Culture roles and companies, I’ve come to understand that while each organisation possesses its own unique characteristics, there are fundamental principles that remain applicable across the board. The first principal centres on treating individuals with respect, irrespective of their position or role. This practice lays the cornerstone for fostering the kind of culture essential for business success and employee retention. People want recognition for their contributions, equitable compensation, and positive working relationships.

The second principle underscores the importance of simplicity. Overly complex systems tend to breed bureaucracy, which in turn hampers business efficiency. Keeping processes straightforward and streamlined is key to maintaining a nimble and agile organisation and contributes to a greater sense of achievement.

The third principle emphasises the significance of employees understanding how their work contributes to a broader impact. It’s not merely about keeping busy; what truly matters is whether your efforts yield a positive outcome. We can all leave our world in a better place than we found it.

Now, how does all this translate into what makes GBST truly awesome today? It’s in the way we’ve embraced these principles. We’ve fostered a culture where respect is at the core of our interactions, regardless of roles or titles. We’ve streamlined our processes, reducing complexity, and ensuring agility and we continue to work on simplifying how we do things around here. But perhaps, most importantly, we’ve worked with our broader team to understand what makes GBST special, what we need to keep as the heart of our culture, and how we continue improving and innovating our employees’ experience. This collaborative effort ensures that our organisation not only learns from the past but actively shapes its future. It’s what sets GBST apart – a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and a workplace where every individual’s contribution is valued. This is what truly makes GBST awesome.

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