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The game changing tax tool for custodians and their clients

Blog, Thought Leadership 08/07/2024

In the world of finance, where accuracy and compliance are paramount, having a reliable tool at your disposal can make all the difference. Tax Analyser is a game-changer for custodians and their superannuation fund/trust clients. Let’s delve into the top three benefits this tool offers from both perspectives:

1. ‘Source of truth’ for custodian information

Tax Analyser serves as the custodian’s “source of truth” by leveraging a sophisticated calculation engine that stays abreast of legislative changes. Daily data feeds from custodians ensure that information is always up to date, while its compliance with Australian tax requirements offers peace of mind.

2. Insights for taxation implications of domestic listed equity trades

The tool provides invaluable insights into the taxation implications of domestic listed equity trades. Through pre-trade analysis, it assesses Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and potential losses in franking credits. This foresight not only aids in informed decision-making but also ensures that the setup retains the capability for future pre-trade functionality.  

Additionally, Tax Analyser addresses post-trade concerns, particularly regarding franking credits lost due to the 45-day holding period rule. By shedding light on these implications, it empowers custodians and clients to strategise effectively.

3. Secure platform and automated processes

In a world where data security is paramount, Tax Analyser delivers as a secure platform. It facilitates automated, secure data transfer of inputs and reporting outputs between custodians and GBST. By eliminating manual processing and reliance on error-prone Excel models/calculations, it streamlines operations and minimises the risk of inaccuracies. 

By offering a reliable source of information, in-depth taxation insights, and automation capabilities, Tax Analyser not only enhances efficiency but also instils confidence in decision-making processes. 

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