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Reinventing retirement with annuities

GBST insights, Whitepapers 13/07/2023

Reinventing Annuities: ‘Mix and Match’ innovative retirement income which was written by GBST in partnership with Simplify Consulting, analyses the income solutions currently available to those approaching and in retirement.

This whitepaper looks at a ‘Mix & Match’ approach to innovative income streams.  Where a ‘Mix’ of income from both annuities and income drawdown should be used to ‘Match’ to an individual’s personal income needs in different phases of their retirement.

There is not enough innovation in this space across the industry – annuities and income drawdown shouldn’t just be a binary choice. They should be used together and complement each other to optimise tax, income, and death benefits.

The technology is available today to distribute these products seamlessly together and the whitepaper discusses how technology will advance to act as a financial buddy to help maximise income needs at the time it is needed, personalised for that individual, and still made available for the mass market.

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