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People Spotlight: Meet Tegan Quirk, our Head of Product Design for WealthConnect

Advice solutions, Blog 06/03/2024

Meet Tegan, who guides the WealthConnect product team at GBST and is the nexus between our client’s needs and our innovative WealthConnect advice solution.


Tell us about your role in the WealthConnect team? 

I lead the WealthConnect product team. I’m responsible for understanding the needs and requirements of our clients and using that knowledge to create the best possible product. I work closely with the team to translate client needs into features and user experiences. I also analyse and prioritise requirements to ensure they align with our product’s long-term strategy and vision. 

What makes this role meaningful to you? 

I love problem-solving and applying diverse judgements to enhance the user experience we build into WealthConnect. I am quite passionate about delivering solutions that support the preferred work style of licensees, practices, and advisers rather than imposing unnecessary processes that are not relevant to the needs of their business outcomes. Plus, I get to work with an incredible team here at GBST.  

WealthConnect is a proud Salesforce ISV Partner. Talk to us about Salesforce innovation and how this impacts the WealthConnect product. 

Being a Salesforce ISV Partner means our Wealth Connect solution has one of the world’s most comprehensive and innovative CRM platforms at its core to edit, customise, and enhance. We can adapt and introduce functionality quicker and more efficiently than if we were designing and developing from scratch. The perfect example of this is its native generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality. This enables WealthConnect to provide AI as a standard and opens up the possibilities for creation and training of large language models, specifically for use in our custom-built components that support advice delivery, operations, and compliance.  

From legislation changes to the growing advice gap, the financial advice space has seen a bit of a shake-up in recent years. What role will advice play in our industries’ future without a crystal ball? 

I don’t see the need for financial advice diminishing, in fact completely the opposite, as I believe the use of technology will open up advice to more people. Superannuation trustees have an opportunity to fill a gap within the market by extending their services, but advice is not just about retirement. Advisers play a pivotal role with their clients in building trust and creating relationships beyond one-off transactional advice. Making financial advice more accessible and affordable to more people is imperative. That’s where the role of WealthConnect comes into play to enable companies to scale and gain operational efficiencies to deliver advice and spend more time with their clients.

Do you have any secret talents or skills your colleagues may not know about? 

I consider myself to be a fairly decent cook but have only recently embraced that following a recipe gives you a better outcome. I am obsessed with Nagi Maehashi, a Sydney local with a very popular food blog, Recipe Tin Eats, with the profit going to run her Food Bank, Recipe Tin Meals. I find her recipes are very accessible, and the marinades and sauces are life changing. 

What’s on the horizon for 2024 for you? 

I enjoy escaping Melbourne’s winter and lack of seasons with tropical getaways to lounge under palm trees in the heat and drink coconuts. It’s the ultimate getaway for me every year.  

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