Top 10 tax aware investment tips for Australian superannuation funds to improve member tax outcomes

21 Jun 2022

A renewed interest in tax aware investing is being driven by superannuation funds that are committed to delivering the best outcomes for members and succeeding on their Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) performance test outcomes.

Five ways to simplify the digital onboarding banking experience for young adults

16 Jun 2022

In financial services, it's a designer's role to structure and translate complex processes that shape a user’s experience and interaction. Here are some design principals to improve the sign up and onboarding experience for banking and lending institutions.

Micro Front-ends: Wealth Management’s secret to accelerating digital transformation

26 Apr 2022

Digital transformation has become central to our wealth management experience, leaving providers with the challenge of rapidly transforming their propositions to match expanding expectations.

Benefits of a unified wealth platform

14 Dec 2021

Understand why a unified solution for all investment products reduces costs for providers and simplifies administration for financial advisors, enabling them to spend more time focusing on their clients.

The SuperStream landscape for SMSFs and the benefits of using a white-labelled ESA

07 Feb 2022

Read how the SuperStream landscape for SMSFs has changed, starting with background on the reasoning behind the legislation being brought in, and how the government initiative helps automate the superannuation industry to become more efficient.

The benefits of smart-sourcing your superannuation back-office function

10 Dec 2021

The superannuation sector has seen a multitude of changes driven by regulation, developments in technology, and evolving expectations for the type of service that members want from providers. We look at how firms can embrace changing market dynamics using cost-effective modern technology.

A premortem should be one of your top 5 tips for a successful FinTech implementation

05 Oct 2021

Orla Fourie sets out her top tips for ensuring success with fintech implementations, based on over 20 years of industry experience in client delivery and implementations.

Will IoT transform the wealth management customer experience?

17 Sep 2021

GBST's Head of Product, Andrew Boniface, talks about the immense potential of IoT on the wealth management industry.

Advised platforms risk losing assets over lack of pension income options

09 Jul 2021

GBST's Head of Product, Andy Boniface, discusses how six years after the pensions freedoms legislation was enacted, advisers continue to struggle to access the full range of flexibility for their clients through mainstream platforms.

Investing in user experience design adds value for financial services organisations – here’s 4 reasons why

23 Jun 2021

What underpins a great customer experience online is when a user achieves their aim in the most effective way possible. User Experience (UX) design helps you do exactly this.

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