People Spotlight: Meet Chloe Yin, one of GBST’s Composer Test Team rockstars

10 Nov 2022

Chloe Yin is one of GBST’s Testing rockstars. She’s been leading her busy team through an impressive number of new product releases for the past eight years, including GBST’s Composer Technology Transformation Project in Australia and the UK. Find out how Chloe keeps her team motivated and what her signature dish is. You’ll want to accept that dinner invite!

People Spotlight: Introducing Rajeev Achari, our Technical Manager in London who's been busily evolving Composer for 16 years

24 Oct 2022

Rajeev Achari has been working at GBST for 16 years. He’s the Technical Manager for EMEA Retail Wealth based in London and shares not just his invaluable expertise with his team that helps to build GBST’s Composer solution, but his rich culture and appreciation for diversity as well.

Video: Why innovative GEL (Global Experience Language) is a game changer for UX design

19 Oct 2022

Hear about our innovative in-house design system GEL (Global Experience Language), why it’s a game changer when it comes to improving consistency and enabling the reuse of design elements, and the benefits for our clients, including a reduction in total cost of ownership.

People Spotlight: Meet Michael, a key contributor to Composer’s innovative technology transformation

27 Sep 2022

Michael is the Executive Manager for UK Retail Wealth, although he’s based in Sydney, Australia. He’s been at GBST for three years, long enough to play two truths and a lie when he was interviewed for this People Spotlight.

Video: Current trends in retirement income propositions

16 Sep 2022

In this video, Vickie Howarth, our Head of Solutions for Retail Wealth, and Carol Richards our Senior Product Consultant for Retail Wealth, discuss current trends in retirement income propositions for the UK market.

People Spotlight: GBST's Head of Digital helps combat financial illiteracy

25 Aug 2022

People Spotlight: Introducing Brianna Dobing - GBST's appointed sponsor for Diversity & Inclusion. As the Head of Digital, she also manages our Digital business operations and an incredible team of experts. Empowering people to understand and manage their finances is an important part of why Bri works at GBST. 

Top 10 tax aware investment tips for Australian superannuation funds to improve member tax outcomes

21 Jun 2022

A renewed interest in tax aware investing is being driven by superannuation funds that are committed to delivering the best outcomes for members and succeeding on their Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) performance test outcomes.

Five ways to simplify the digital onboarding banking experience for young adults

16 Jun 2022

In financial services, it's a designer's role to structure and translate complex processes that shape a user’s experience and interaction. Here are some design principals to improve the sign up and onboarding experience for banking and lending institutions.

Micro Front-ends: Wealth Management’s secret to accelerating digital transformation

26 Apr 2022

Digital transformation has become central to our wealth management experience, leaving providers with the challenge of rapidly transforming their propositions to match expanding expectations.

Benefits of a unified wealth platform

14 Dec 2021

Understand why a unified solution for all investment products reduces costs for providers and simplifies administration for financial advisors, enabling them to spend more time focusing on their clients.

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