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Innovation Time
05 Nov 2015

As the global securities industry continues to evolve, moving away from its reliance on manual processes toward greater transparency and faster settlement, it is critical for today’s market participants to take a much deeper look at what legacy technology is actually costing in terms of operational loss.

This article by GBST explains why robust technology supporting the middle office and operational processing pays for itself, and what the industry needs to consider in the years to come.

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T+2 and What Lies Beyond: Will You Be Ready?
02 Nov 2015

In June of 2015, the T+2 Industry Steering Committee released an in-depth whitepaper analyzing and promoting the benefits moving to a shorter settlement cycle would afford the US financial markets. Not long after, the Securities and Exchange Commission threw its support behind the Committee’s recommendations, suggesting that regulatory changes surrounding T+2 were likely.

In the latest article published by the FinOps Report, Greg McDonald, Head of Product Strategy for GBST’s Americas business, discusses what broker-dealers in the U.S. are facing in order to be ready for the October 2017 deadline.

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The New Normal
16 Oct 2015

Operations managers have long focused on technology as a means of gaining efficiency or putting in place more robust processes.

In this latest article published in Asset Servicing Times, Gregory McDonald and Nick Clarke of GBST explore the changing face of operations in an increasingly risk-focused marketplace and discuss how technology can bring high-quality risk-related information in real time to achieve real transparency.

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Europe’s quest for transparency
11 Jun 2015

Guidance from ESMA (The European Securities and Markets Authority) on commission sharing, anticipated later this year, will have a profound impact on how financial firms do business and raise new requirements for their back-office systems.

In this article, experts from GBST share their views and discuss three key factors at a technological level.

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Raymond James Financial
Case Study
14 Apr 2015

With institutional trading being a mature market, the legacy systems that many U.S.-based broker/dealers continue to use are however not keeping pace with today’s quickly evolving technology and business requirements.

Download this latest case study to learn how GBST’s rules-driven pre-settlement processing platform and integrated real-time commission management capabilities have enhanced straight through processing and offered Raymond James Financial a most efficient middle office solution that meets their unique needs.

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Watching the Web: improving data analysis & dissemination in investment banking
25 Feb 2015

Despite the fact that banking sector is often a leader in cutting-edge IT, our industry occasionally trails behind the technological advances we see elsewhere. In this article, Ryan Carpenter, App Strategy Consultant at GBST looks into the benefits marketers are getting from web analytics tool and how investment banking industry could learn from their experience.

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Targeting new opportunities: the promise of T2S
18 Feb 2015

Promise to simplify settlement system in Europe and make markets far more efficient and attractive, TARGET2 Securities (T2S) platform is finally just around the corner. In this article, Denis Orrock, CEO at GBST Capital Markets, shares his view on the challenges faced by financial firms when considering settlement strategies and the priorities sell-side organisations need to take in order to maximise T2S benefits.

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Adapt and Survive: Why technology matters in the 'new' retirement savings market
White Paper
23 Dec 2014

While the UK retirement savings market is enormous and with considerable growth expected over the next decade, the emerging challenge for financial services providers is how to capitalise most effectively against a background of regulatory, social policy and consumer behavioural change.

In this paper, we predict the future landscape of this market and why we believe that technology will be the crucial deciding factor for commercial success or failure in the ‘new’ retirement savings market.

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Quantum leapfrogging
03 Nov 2014

At the world’s hotspot for market growth, many financial firms in Asia have recognised that new technologies can let them jump straight to best-practice and allow them to achieve extremely high rates of straight through processing (STP), lower costs and reduced operational risk. In this article, Donal O’Brien of GBST explains the latest trend in the industry and why a leapfrogging mindset is required to be in the game.

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Ready or not, here T+2 comes
10 Oct 2014

One giant step to T+2, one small step to T+1 and beyond? Denis Orrock of GBST discusses the industry’s preparations for the clearing and settlement regime.

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