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Alexa, what’s the future of voice automation?


Posted in: Institutional Broking and Clearing
Published: 26/02/2019

Nick Clarke, GBST Executive Manager – Institutional Product, speaks up on the power of voice-led automation to unlock efficiencies.

  • Voice-led consumer banking becoming mainstream
  • B2B opportunities to streamline middle-office functions and take control of data
  • Industry-first Syn~TAC SaaS middle office offers advanced voice control

Around 20% of Google searches are conducted using voice, with the number expected to jump to 50% within a few years. In a time-poor society where shortcuts provide a competitive advantage, voice commands and automation at home and work is fast becoming mainstream. NAB customers use Alexa for account enquiries, and CBA’s Ceba chatbot is capable of performing over 200 banking tasks for customers without human intervention.

The next frontier for voice is an ‘inside the business’ revolution as users demand the same seamless technology experience at work as the rest of their digital lifestyle. Voice control can play a key role in streamlining data management and analysis, and introduces virtual assistants to support and automate everyday functions (like a smarter, secure Siri for the office).

The icing on the productivity cake

Every business is looking for an edge in an industry forced to do more with less. Products like Syn~TAC have created efficiencies by bringing automation to the middle office. But voice takes it a step further to boost productivity and lower costs of service by making it even faster to identify and resolve issues.

The user experience voice offers is at the heart of the benefits it delivers. You can type and click your way through data, but its simpler and faster to ask the system a question (with Push-to-Talk technology so it’s not listening in on your every word). Generally, you can ask a question as you work and the system will find the answer for you almost instantly without interrupting what you’re doing. Less clicks, less tabs open, and less typing means a smoother workflow.

Rather than making the human in the equation redundant, voice is a tool to make the human more efficient. And while AI and machine learning are a growing factor in workplace tech, it still takes a human to develop the technology and write the algorithms to make everything work.

Meet Syndy

Launched in October, GBST’s Syn~TAC SaaS uses advanced voice control technology for an authenticated, secure and fully audited way for users to interact with the system.
The cloud-based system builds on the success of the established Syn~TAC system used across the globe. It brings advanced voice control capability to the world of capital markets, providing instant access to business and client information.

Key to the interface of Syn~TAC SaaS is the virtual assistant, ‘Syndy’. Syndy responds instantly to voice requests for analysis, investigation and management of exceptions without interrupting workflows.

Here’s an example of how a voice interaction might sound between Syndy and an analyst:

MO Support User: Syndy, do I have any failed trades?

Syndy: There are eight failed trades in Hong Kong and four failed trades in other markets.

MO Support User: How many are over $10 million?

Syndy: There are three trades over $10 million for 2 clients.

MO Support User: Show me.

A voice-led future

Interested in streamlining with voice? Request a demonstration or talk to the team about Syn~TAC SaaS with voice, and other applications ready to help you thrive.

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