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GBST Composer®

An award-winning administrative system designed for the unique needs of investment platforms, managed funds, superannuation plans, pensions and structured products – GBST Composer® improves efficiency while also ensuring compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

End-to-end administration

Composer® offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlines the administration of wealth management products from the distribution channel through to the back office. Enabling integration through our feature rich API catalogue, Composer® supports multiple investment products and asset types. That means you can consolidate your business onto a single technology platform. Our market-leading wealth management software further facilitates an efficient operating model with:

  • Proven straight-through processing capabilities
  • Support for complex fees and charges
  • Support for electronic messaging systems
  • Client and household centric views
  • Integrated member register

Regulation compliant systems

Built with regulatory reform in mind, Composer® takes the complexity and cost out of compliance. New regulatory changes are applied to Composer® in line with upcoming regulatory reform, removing the burden of compliance from your internal resources.

Highly scalable and customisable

At GBST, we know each investment platform and superannuation plan is unique – and will continue to grow over time. That’s why Composer® is designed based on scalable architecture and underlying technology so that it can be tailored to meet your specific needs today and for the future. Composer® can also be white labelled for a fully branded solution.

Improve client servicing with GBST Composer Web, our complete web-based front-end application that gives investors and advisers 24/7 access to their portfolios.

Composer® supports various digital channels including web and mobile to meet the needs of all your clients – from investors to advisers and more.

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