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Ensure your self-managed superfund is fully compliant with SuperStream Gateway requirements using our free GBST My Wealth Mailbox solution.

Self-managed superfunds

Under the SuperStream legislation, employers are required to make superannuation contributions in a very specific manner. This includes paying the contribution amount to a bank account as well as sending information about each contribution in a secure way via the ATO Gateway. This includes contributions made to self-managed superfunds (SMSFs).

If you are an SMSF trustee and your employer pays your superannuation contributions to your SMSF, you need a SuperStream compliant solution.

SuperStream compliant

The GBST My Wealth Mailbox is a secure Electronic Service Address provider, offering a personalised SMSF trustee mailbox. This allows you to receive superannuation contribution details from your employer that are compliant with SuperStream messaging standards via your Electronic Service Address.

A free SuperStream SMSF service

Offered by GBST at no charge, My Wealth Mailbox gives you access to:

  • Your contribution remittance statement, which provides details of your employer, the SMSF trustee, the contribution type, date and contribution amount
  • Confirmation that a payment has been made by the employer into the superfund
  • All the tax information necessary for proper reporting

When you create a My Wealth Mailbox account, GBST becomes your Electronic Service Address provider. Registration is simple, and contribution remittance statements are sent directly to your dedicated Electronic Service Address, with notification to view them provided via your nominated email address.

Employers will still need your BSB and account number to deposit contributions into your SMSF. However, an Electronic Service Address is now also required for sending confirmation that a contribution has been made.

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