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A dedicated derivatives trading platform, GBST Order Management System (OMS) allows for the immediate capture of order details and all subsequent actions including submission to market, order execution, amendments and allocation to client/house accounts.

Trading efficiency

Using OMS, advisers can better manage derivatives orders and service clients through:

  • Access to real-time views of market data, price and order depth, trades and market announcements
  • The ability to submit Quote Requests direct-to-market with or without operator intervention
  • A range of order types for the best possible price
  • Dedicated derivatives order management features

OMS automatically detects potential crossings before submission and sends automated alerts of order changes. Warnings can also be configured to avoid trading outside an allowable price range.

Comprehensive reporting

OMS provides advisers access to in-depth search capabilities, enabling them to generate reports based on a specified date range, order history, trade history, fills or quote requests over the life of an order. Statement of advice can be customised to each broker’s requirements, and reports can be exported for easy distribution. Full audit trails are available, which include details on all users and events of an order, to help ensure compliance. In addition, Staff and Suspense accounts are easily identifiable.

Single and Tailor Made Combinations are available for trading Derivatives using OMS. Advisers can choose from a range of order types including Market, Limit, Market to Limit and Best Limit.

OMS interfaces directly to the ASX Equities market and caters for Australian Equity Options as well as TORESS, Index and Lepos with future capabilities to connect to multiple markets and products. The system also interfaces with GBST Derivatives Client Accounting (DCA) for trade allocation, clearing and settlement.

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