CRM Solution for Membership-based Organisations

GBST Unison

The GBST Unison suite of products delivers an easily accessible and secure multi-device system for handling every aspect of membership management.

Flexible design

Unison’s highly configurable design makes it a useful relationship management system for any type of membership-based organisation. A suite of fully integrated modules facilitates the management, administration and maintenance of member registries for a variety of non-profits and associations. This includes member centric views for monitoring:

  • Financial management
  • Activities and notes
  • Correspondence management
  • Training accreditation
  • Case Management
  • Document Management
  • Event attendance

With its scalable architecture and underlying technology, this membership system is designed to adapt to your organisation’s needs quickly and easily.

Efficient membership management

At its core, Unison is a specialist membership management software system. Developed with the needs of Australian membership organisations in mind, Unison enables end-to-end management of:

  • Case management
  • Organising
  • Contact call centre
  • Campaign work

For maximum efficiency and usability, an integrated web portal is combined with tablet and mobile capabilities. This gives field staff and associates remote access to real-time information to help them engage with members, easily accessed via iPhone, Android or tablet. Executive staff, sales personnel and organisers can also all have access to their own information via personalised dashboards.


Enhanced member services

The Unison suite of products offers various options to help improve member engagement. Online access is readily available for existing members through a secure web login. You can also recruit new members online using our joining portal. Both solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing web presence or GBST can design a website for you to deliver a complete solution. Either way, our expert staff will help ensure that you achieve the maximum results from campaigning and client engagement.


Leverage the strength of GBST’s Digital Services to deliver better services to your members with professional websites, usability reviews, online advertising, social networking strategies and mobile applications.

For superannuation funds, GBST offers uEngage – a state-of-the-art system accessible from any mobile device at any time that’s designed specifically to help you engage with existing and new members.

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