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GBST MarginSuite and GBST Rule S1

A fully integrated risk solution, GBST MarginSuite predicts and monitors risk throughout the day for both cash market transactions and derivatives while GBST Rule S1 helps Australian stockbrokers monitor capital liquidity requirements.

Tailored solutions

A complete solution for monitoring, estimating and stress-testing Clearing House margin requirements – MarginSuite offers:

  • MarginSuite Derivatives: enables advisers to monitor intra-day ASX derivative margin precisely and view risk decomposition across clients as well as conduct ad hoc stress-testing and powerful what-if analysis.
  • MarginSuite Equities: gives risk managers the ability to accurately monitor the both intra-day and next margin requirements, analyse main margin drivers and audit margin calculations for equities, warrants and interest rate securities. This is combined with access to historical data for detailed trend analysis.

The GBST Rule S1 solution gives you a comprehensive tool for calculating and reporting ASX Capital Liquidity, Counterparty and Position Risk requirements directly from your back office system. The solution also provides reporting of operational risk, total risk requirement and total risk requirement to Available Liquid Capital ratio.

Risk management

Reporting is provided through data-driven analytics and widgets allowing risk managers and compliance users to break down overall Capital and Margin. This is combined with a direct feed from the Clearing House to properly update security parameters for accurate predicted margin values.

End-to-end integration

The MarginSuite and Rule S1 solutions connect seamlessly with GBST Shares, GBST Derivatives Client Accounting (DCA) and GBST Syn∽ to update calculations in real time.

Leverage the strength of GBST Business Intelligence Reporting (BIR) and its ability to provide a range of reports for audit and analytical purposes.

MarginSuite also integrates directly with GBST FrontOffice, giving advisers single-sign on access for managing day-to-day tasks across a full suite of applications and subscribed modules.

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