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GBST Clearview

A robust and scalable solution, GBST Clearview® seamlessly connects broker back office applications to CHESS for fully integrated, real-time client holder and participant data.

Improved efficiency

With Clearview, brokers have a permanent connection to CHESS. This eliminates the need for manual and batch file uploads. Instead, messages are translated and handled in real time using industry standard protocols. That means clearing and accounting updates are performed instantly, giving brokers access to the most current information for:

  • Holding management and reporting
  • Client, holder and participant data management
  • Securities data management
  • Status on outstanding instructions

Clearview also automatically captures and records corporation action events in real time, based on ASX feeds.

Enhanced risk management

With maker and checker functionality, no manual transaction or message is submitted to CHESS without first being checked and authorised by a separate party. This separation of duties gives you greater control and security over processes.

Highly scalable

Clearview has the flexibility to solve any CHESS connectivity requirement. This includes full integration with Clearview or real-time messaging capabilities only using Clearview Lite. Either way, Clearview can effectively shorten the time-to-market for new entrants to the Australian market. With the ability to process over 1 million CHESS messages per day, the system will also grow with you as your needs change.

With Clearview, CHESS upgrades are performed automatically – eliminating the time and expense involved with traditional CHESS upgrading processes.

Clearview gives brokers a comprehensive, real-time view of CHESS holdings and streamlined reconciliation with back office systems.

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