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GBST Margin Lending

A highly flexible equity margin lending software system, GBST Margin Lending improves straight-through processing for any size of margin book to lower administration costs and minimise risk.

Automated processes

With fully automated processes, Margin Lending helps reduce the costs and risk associated with manual processing. Using our margin lending software you can automate:

  • Loans and funds processes
  • Contract note processing
  • Creation and emailing of facility statements
  • Commission and fee posting and payment
  • Distribution of buffer and margin calls via email or SMS
  • Real-time transaction validation

As a result, transaction and information message flows between brokers and lenders are simplified for greater straight-through processing and enhanced client management.

Flexible design

Margin Lending is built with a flexible architecture for a high level of configurability so the system can be tailored to fit your needs today. Risk management rules are easy to adjust and implement as your business evolves without the need for time-consuming upgrades.

Real-time Integration

Margin Lending seamlessly integrates automated margin lending processes with broker back office systems. This includes real-time integration with CHESS, CMT providers and data warehouse systems as well as GBST’s extensive broker network.

Leverage the strength of GBST Business Intelligence Reporting (BIR) and its ability to provide a range of reports for audit and analytical purposes.

Margin Lending interfaces directly with GBST Shares™, the most widely used back office equities software in Australia, enabling retail and sell side institutions to create their own branded distribution channel with minimal overhead.

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